Realign your health goals, and learn to eat for a healthier you.

Nourish your body. Find your daily glow. Sleep better. Reduce belly bloat. Reduce inflammation. Increase energy. Release weight naturally. And lessen those nasty menopausal hormone symptoms!

This program cover essential topics such as eating for optimal weight control, stress and adrenal health, common hormonal imbalances, digestion, and, the best superfoods for hormone health. 

PLUS get 4 weeks of whole foods recipes included in the Recipe Guide, Suggested Meal Plans and Shopping Lists to make preparing hormone-healthy meals a breeze. You'll get educational tools along the way to make life-long habits, learning the how's and why's of eating for hormonal health after 40 - because as women age, they need a new approach. And if you're not yet 40 - you can learn too - shaping your eating habits now will help you prevent unwanted symptoms and weight gain in the future.

Why 4 Weeks? Research has proven it takes at least 21 days to adjust to new changes and behaviors. We will give it 28 days! Even if you have a good handle on your diet, the holidays can definitely throw your routine into a downward spiral, and it takes time and commitment to build back healthy habits - plus you'll be learning new stuff along the way - including recipes, food prep, and hormone superfoods.

There is no better time that to commit to a new, healthier, happier you - with increased energy, positive results, and a new motivation to prioritize whole foods for the rest of your life!

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